Wizards – Wizards were obviously hard hit during The Crusades and The Purges. In the early years, only those that were meddling with very dark areas of magic had anything to fear. By the end, all wizards were hunted like animals. Those that could escape death went into hiding, often giving up everything related to the arcane. It is rumored that there are still a few practising wizards around but they keep a very low profile.

A wizard character will have a very hard time but that could make them very interesting to play. There are a few still out there willing to take on apprentices. They aren’t easy to find, though.

Sorcerers – Sorcerers have much the same lot as the Wizards.

Clerics – Obviously clerics were in disarray after The Tearing. Almost every single cleric in the world suddenly found himself without any divine magic. Their problems were compounded by the fact that many people were certain that it was them (and the clergy as a whole) that brought this armegeddon down on the world.

Reactions to their sudden loss of power were wide ranging.


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