Elves – For the most part they are very reclusive, especially since Armegeddon. They are intolerant of other “intelligent” races. They believe that most of the other races had a hand in creating the catastrophes that occurred. This is especially true, in their eyes, of the humans and dwarves.

Dwarves – Dwarves were hit hard by The Tearing of The World. Even their structures couldn’t withstand the magnitude of the earthquakes that occured for hours at a time. There was great devastation in many of their kingdoms.

The dwarves were great proponants of The Crusades and they sent many of their troops to help in those wars. There were also plenty of dwarves who participated in The Purges.

Gnomes – Gnomes had a rough time during The Crusades and The Purges due to their close affinity with arcane magic. Although their nations were never attacked, they still found themselves persecuted on an individual basis.

Halflings – The nomadic halflings tried to keep a low profile during The Crusades. As a race they have never been very interested in the arcane (there have been exceptions, of course).

Overall, halflings survived The Tearing of The World pretty successfully. They are struggling now because the wild lands that they historiclly traveled have now become very dangerous.

Orcs – Orcs suffered losses in most of their strongholds just like everyone else. Their chaotic nature, though, has led them to thrive in this time of strife. They have to be wary in the wilder area but they stay in large groups and cause their own trouble.

Dragons – Dragons were hard hit during The Crusades and The Purges. Powerful adventurers were hired to hunt them down and eradicate them. They are many tales of great dragons being vanquished by blessed warriors. There are also a few stories of dragons razing small cities in retribution. Nobody knows how many of the metallic dragons survived; the consensus is that the number is very small.

It is rumoured that some kind of deal was brokered with the “good” dragons. They have “disappeared”, nobody has seen any for years.

Beholders – Beholderkin were hunted ruthlessly during The Crusades and The Purges. Many went deep (often literally) into hiding. There have been very few reports of these creatures since The Tearing.

Giants – Most of the giants weathered all of the events pretty well. The tearing affected the different types of giant in different ways. Now they are constantly causing trouble.


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